EmployPlan x Tribehouse

Access to the talent pools of
experienced IT professionals.

What's Tribehouse?

We believe that the best skills are developed on the battlefield while working on actual IT solutions. Tribehouse is a growing community of IT folks who engage in real projects with real people, to learn and share real skills. We group our members into teams that work together, developing business viable IT products after hours – from the concept stage to the creation of a genuine software product.

What Tribehouse can offer to IT companies?

We verify and select the top 5% of the most skilled people within our community to recommend to our clients as part of the talent pools. Using purchased tokens you can access and hire the professionals who fit your company in terms of commercial experience and personality. Every single one of our members is accustomed to independent remote work and has the right productive mindset.


How you can use the potential of our community


Save time by reducing your recruitment process – skip the CV collection stage, initial interviews, and technical knowledge checks. We've already done it for you with our verification methods.


Regular commits on Github are standard, not the exception. With the experience of working on a real commercial project, the programmers' communication skills and commitment increase. Working on a side project our top team created 214 commits in 2 months with over 3500 lines of code.


Our developers are open to finding solutions on their own: this saves you hours of support from more experienced teammates. We bet on team members who work remotely, which provides the right sense of self-discipline.


Order your access to the Tribehouse database to hire our best developers!

How do we verify the skills and competencies of Tribehouse members?



We check regularly how team members are communicating with each other. If we spot any red flags, the user may be removed from the community.


Technical knowledge

Each user provides us with information about their level of knowledge, courses they have taken, and university degrees. Through project work and technical interviews, we verify on an ongoing basis that this information corresponds to reality.



We continuously monitor how people are working together, making sure to select only the people that are capable of efficiently working in teams.


Open source

All our community members make regular commits to open source projects. That enables you to review their actual commercial work before hiring them



Each Tribehouse community member earns higher skill levels based on their regular work and input. The teams get notified of the progress of each other, which motivates people to work better!

How it works

How do I get started?

We have prepared a token which entitles you to access the contact details of your potential employee. 1 token – 1 hire. The cost of the token is 6000 PLN.


After purchasing the token, on 1st September 2021, you get early access to the developers’ database, with a preview of: CV with completed experience, courses taken, books read, and the level of advancement in the Tribehouse project.


After reviewing the profiles, when you decide you want to access the developer’s contact details – you can exchange the token for access.


If you decide to abandon the contact attempt and not to hire the person, you can retrieve your token and use it at a future date.


You can count on our full support throughout the process!


Frequently asked questions

What do I get in exchange for one token?

In exchange for one token, you get the opportunity to hire one specialist from our database. Before you decide to contact us, you get an overview of experience, resume, list of all completed courses, trainings and levels achieved with the cooperation in Tribehouse. If you decide not to employ a professional, the token goes back into your pool and you can use it again.

What technologies do the Tribehouse teams work in?

Our devs are specialized in Java, Spring, React, Angular, .NET, PHP, Python, C++, GO and even Flutter. There are also PMs, Testers and UX/UIs designers in the community.

What makes Tribehouse trustworthy?

Tribehouse is a community working closely with EmployPlan. We are already trusted by several hundred community members who regularly participate in projects within the clan. Would you like to get to know us? Do you have questions? Touch base with us to talk about our project! Kamil, Adrianna, Roch, Dawid

What if the person I select does not respond to my message?

Tribehouse team members are prepared to receive a message from a potential employer, but if such a situation were to arise – you can count on our full support throughout the process.

What if the hired person quits or is made redundant?

While we very rarely see anyone from our community made redundant thanks to our deep verification process, we do understand situations like that occur. If this would happen within 60 days of the moment the person was marked as hired on our platform, we will be happy to refund the token. Please reach out to: Click