Plan, monitor and track

It's all about mapping your team's professional development. Give employees what they need and want to advance their careers. Keep strengthening your teams' abilities, increasing job satisfaction and performance. It is a win for them and the whole business.

What it gives you:

  • Recognize skill gaps
  • Track team learning progress with ease
  • Improve employee retention
  • Optimize hiring strategy
  • Create learning plans for your team

Tailored Upskilling Plans

Plan professional development

Determine what your expectations towards each professional role is, and based on what you told us about the projects you run, the skills and preferences your team members shared with us, EmployPlan will determine the best educational materials that could benefit each team member. Thanks to it you save time looking for the right educational materials and its easy to build agile professional development plans.

EmployPlan allows you to create custom professional upskilling plans that instantly highlight what kind of skill gaps the person has and what educational content they can use to fill the said gaps.

Automatic Skills Tracking

Monitor how your team levels up

Our proprietary algorithm looks at every book the person read, every course he finished and each of his project experiences to automatically determine what their level in each skill really is.

The system reverts the measurements. Instead of trying to measure the person’s skills, it measures the experience the person could have received from each piece of education or contribution. This allows you to effortlessly track how people knowledge changes with daily precision. All that is needed, is for your employee to tag that course he recently finished and the app will adjust his skill level automatically without bi-annual surveys and 1-5 star ratings.

Visual progress tracker

See how they develop

View personal expertise statistics: choose a skill, select a time interval, and see how much the person’s ability improved over time. It’s an easy way to map your employee’s professional development.

With more than 40,000 online courses in our database, you can create bespoke upskilling or reskilling plans with transparent to-learn lists. Professional development becomes an essential part of your culture without adding to your workflow.