Identify & Analyze

Get just the right insights for your company

Distill the power of your team and unlock its full potential. Find what—and who—you need quickly with a slick interface visualizing their skills right in front of you.

What it gives you:

  • Easy to see skills within the business
  • Improved allocation time
  • Optimized resource distribution
  • Minimized waste of resources
  • Easy to analyze project requirements


Identify and locate all in-house skills

You can search by name, skill, professional title and view team members’ availability for a specific period. It just takes a few clicks to see what everybody is working on. And, if you need it, you can get even more detailed information out of the system.

This includes a neat summary of the skills (each with a defined level), availability (illustrated in percentages), and an overview of their professional roles.


Get the right insight

Get neat insight into your organization from a variety of prebuilt analytical boxes. You can easily extract you overall skill and roles distribution, skill demand coverage and your bench statistics.

What if what you are looking is not there? Don’t worry, just throw us a message at and we will add anything you need!

Custom & bespoke reporting

Generate beautiful visual pdf and excel reports

Generate reports perfectly tailored to your business with just the data you need to move your company forward. EmployPlan can create pdf and excel report templates with your own custom branding, with exactly the data you need.

You can then schedule the reports or generate them on-demand manually whenever you like. EmployPlan will notify you by email whenever new reports are available.


Verify what level their skills are really at

Is a newbie more skilled than a seasoned employee with “senior” in their title? Checking has never been easier. Step 1: you define the skill level each title represents.

Step 2: switch the settings from “manual” to “conditional” and see who only thinks they have skills at a senior level and who is a true expert. No more speculation, it’s pure data-based skill verification.