Update – Version 1.2.1

The new version focuses at making the project dashboard more usable for regular users that don’t participate in planning, as well as giving more easily accessible information to the manager so that’s its quicker for him to navigate the UI.

Here is the list of changes:

– 2 new analytics gauges that display the people available within the next 30 days and an overview of the number of roles in the company were added

– New role ProjectViewer with permission to view projects and their assignment but not modify

– You can now book a person directly from their profile page calendar

– When hoving over the “…” in skills area of search, you will see the 12 highest level skills of the person you are hovering over

– The algorithm got further improvements to properly recognize experience gained from bootcamps

– Projects in groups that user does not belong to, display as “Group Project”, effectively hiding the project name and details

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