Update – Version 1.2.0

The update focuses on making the app customization easier, enabling users to adjust the way the application works without stress, as well as introducing some much needed features that speed up planning significantly, reducing the number of clicks you have to do to allocate people and create new allocations.

1. You can now save allocations as reusable allocation templates to make planning even faster!

2. Your company can now disable skills and professional roles, limiting the selection to the things you really want to track in your organization

3. You can now de-allocate a person directly from their profile

4. With skill contribution you can now control how much experience people are getting for the skills they are working with. Some skill is less used on a project and you want the employee the receive proportionally less experience? Solved.

5. Project card on profile now displays the project status and got a tad bigger for better UX

6. By clicking on the bench filter date, you can now call the filters menu. A small but significant UX improvement 🙂

7. People without dedicated accounts now display with a ghost avatar instead of a tiny icon

8. We found an annoying bug that could cause allocation dates to fall outside of project dates. Fixed. Luckily, no client was impacted.

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