[EMPLOY PLAN] 17 Best Skill Management Software for 2023

17 Best Skill Management Software Options for 2023

Want to grow your business this year? 

Get started by focusing on the fundamentals. It all starts with decision-making and skill management.

The growth of organizations heavily depends upon an employee’s competency, qualifications, and performance, which you can optimize with thoughtful skill management.

As the leading skill planning platform, we spent a lot of time analyzing and comparing skill management software options on the market. 

Let’s dive into the best skill software options for this year.

What is Skills Management?

The secret sauce for growing any business is skills management of talent. It is one of the most crucial aspects for bridging skills gaps. Skill management involves developing skills and mapping them to know the skills base of your employees.

With the help of skills management software, you can check proficiency levels and filter the skills available in your teams within a few clicks.

Through skills management, you can create a library of competencies, understand business needs, and assign the right talent to open positions.

It not only helps you track new employees but lets you increase the productivity of your current workforce.

Why is Skills Management important?

Skills management harnesses employee skills and positively impacts HR teams, and improves recruitment processes. 

For instance, with the help of skills management software, you can analyze the skill gaps left by your ex-employees and help lead to strategize for better talent management. You can focus on the future then and open job roles with specific competencies.

Apart from this, skills management offers a range of benefits, such as:

Assigning the right persons to the right job roles

Skills management improves overall productivity and ensures that each job role gets allotted to an employee with the expected ability. Skills management software further simplifies this process through automation. You can use an easy-to-access skills management tool, EmployPlan, to start reaping the benefits of skills management right away!

Finding skill gaps through mapping software and skills matrix

Every new project that you take up demands skills assessments of your employees. You need to check your offline skills database to match the right person with the required certifications and skills.

Skills management lets your organization navigate this challenge with ease. It would help if you used skills management software and, with its skill matrix template, made vital decisions for talent management.

Giving training to build skills

Through skills management, you can provide relevant training to employees, boost their development, and collectively it would grow your organization. Your teams deliver better performance with an improved skill base and confidence gained through training. 

Improve workforce satisfaction

Employees who are happy at work are any day more productive. It also enhances their loyalty and retention rate with your organization. Skills management lets you match the employees with the right skills and improves their morale.

Create strong teams

The key benefit of skills management is that it highlights the competencies of your teams. You never know if your employees have more abilities than the ones listed on their resumes or acknowledged by their managers. Tools like talent management software or skills management software let you collate the skills of your workforce on one platform. This helps you find versatile employees and teams.

Find quick replacements for employees

Skills management software saves your day when employees need to take sudden leaves or stay away from work for longer. A skill management tool helps you assign a replacement using its skills database in no time and streamlines your future projects. 

Pass company audits with ease

Audits ensure your company’s long-term success by tracking workplace performance and processes. By using skills management software, you can make audits less stressful and time-consuming for your organization. As a skills management platform provides comprehensive reports on your employees’ skills and potential, audits are bound to become simpler. 

The Best Skills Management Software Options for 2023

We are sure you understand the importance of skills management by now. To help you automate it for your organization, here are some of the best picks for skills management software that you must check out:


Want to close skill gaps, improve employee retention and create a strong hiring strategy? EmployPlan is a robust talent management software that can help with them!

Powered by features like tailored upskilling plans, automatic skills tracking, and visual progress indicators, this competency management software offers a gold mine of insights and real-time data.

Use it to fix your onboarding process, plan your team’s professional development, and monitor how your employees are leveling up their skills.


This skill management tool is designed for operation, learning, and HR teams. Use Kahuna if you want to build a more skilled workforce. It would help you achieve operational excellence across the energy sector, healthcare, manufacturing, and field services.


As a simple skill management tool, Cinode doubles up as an accurate challenge matcher for available employee skills and personal ambitions. You may use this management software to create growth plans for your teams.

AG5 Skills Intelligence

Need plug-and-play skills management software? Try out AG5. It enables you to track the skills gaps in your teams. Moreover, this skill management tool provides data on resource requirements, training, and workforce for better talent management.


This competency management software is perfect for organizations that have or are trying to develop their competency needs. Centranum helps you align talent management, track team capability, and drive performance. Use it to develop talent pools and sustain them.


SkillNet, as its name suggests, is a highly accurate skill management software that lets organizations know the skills of their employees. You can use it to collect skills data and personalize development plans through this all-in-one solution for talent management.


PluralSight helps you timely upskill and reskill your employees. It is designed to help your tech teams through hands-on learning, assessment, and evaluation. Explore the analytics offered by this skills management software to track the progress of your tech team in no time!

Skills Base

Skills Base is an agile skills management software. You can use it to assess, track, and report your employees’ skills and talent levels. Try it out to quickly find skilled employees for jobs, clients, or projects.


Through GrowthSpace, you can bring out the best in every employee. This data-driven skills management software helps you drive one-to-one professional growth based on business KPIs. Use it to define skill challenges and measure business impact.


Your employees need skills to make your business successful. Learnerbly empowers them with 250+ learning providers and curated resources to upskill and drive the right results. You must use this tool to navigate low-learning engagements at the workplace.

Juno Journey

As its name suggests, Juno Journey offers training and development journeys to HR professionals to understand key business objectives. It simplifies onboarding and lets you quickly enable, develop, and grow your teams.


Want to create a skills-focused HR ecosystem at work? Do try out Neobrain! This skills management software lets you detect, plan and mobilize skills of your talent through their solutions. 


This AI-powered skills management software enables you to work smarter and tackle important skills management challenges. You can use CompetencyCore to map and implement competencies with ease.


With this skills management platform, you can design better team work life. IntelliHR helps you automate HR workflows and gain deep workforce insights through its robust analytics.

Toggl Hire

Need to make the onboarding process more effective for your organization? Trust Toggl Hire, the skill-based hiring platform, to simplify it for you. Using its assessment platform, you can quickly find, shortlist, and qualify talent.


Talentum helps you recruit engineering talent with ease. It offers rigorous candidate selection, in-depth market analysis, and high-touch consultancy services for swifter talent management. Try it out to expedite your tech recruitment.

Talent Guard

Talent guard is a skills-based talent management software that can help you with employee engagement, retention, reskilling, and upskilling. It also provides support for compliance and diversity, and inclusion.

Final Thoughts

Skills management is essential for the growth and success of any business.

By implementing a comprehensive skill management software like EmployPlan or one of the other top options we’ve highlighted, you can streamline your HR processes, track employee development, and improve overall productivity. 

With the right skills management tool, you can bridge skill gaps, assign the right people to the right job roles, and create strong teams. Invest in skills management software to ensure your business thrives in 2023 and beyond.

Get your EmployPlan account today or jump on a quick call with one of our skill management experts to explore how we can help you grow your business this year.

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