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Top 16 Resource Management Tools for 2023

Do you need help managing all your available resources?

You’re not alone. As the leading resource-allocation platform, we have invested a lot of time reviewing all the resource management tools available on the market.  

In 2023, your business probably needs software to automate resource management and help you achieve your team’s full potential.  

 A resource management tool will also help with capacity planning and forecasting. You can plan and uncover any potential problems months before they happen.

Resource management tools improve your overall business performance and utilization of your resources. Let’s take a closer look at the best resource management tools available. 

What is Resource Management?

Resource management is the process of efficiently using an organization’s resources, such as time, money, and personnel, to achieve its goals. This includes tasks like budgeting, scheduling, staffing, and inventory management.

Efficiently allocating the company’s resources is crucial for the success of your business.

What is an example of resource management?

Let’s imagine a tech startup.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s call it “Tech Innovators.” They’re focusing on developing software for small businesses. They’ll implement a training and development program for their staff to achieve their goals. 

The program includes on-the-job training, workshops, seminars, and online courses. It also provides regular performance evaluations, feedback, and opportunities for advancement. As this is a lot of work, they’ll use EmployPlan to track, manage and allocate all the resources needed to build the software for their client. The founders know investing in employee development is crucial for their success.

Tl;DR when a tech company needs to manage, develop and allocate employees’ skills to build software for its clients, it means they need to manage resources to achieve a business objective. 

What is a Resource Management Tool?

Resources are often unavailable or blocked elsewhere, especially when you need them. Upon that, imagine not knowing the resources you have, what are their expertise and availability! Your projects may get derailed because of it. That’s the last thing you want!

A resource management tool such as EmployPlan lets you see available resources and assists you in achieving your business goals with ease. It helps you with capacity planning, tracking progress and performance, and making the most of your resources without creating any bottlenecks.

Why Are Resource Management Tools Vital to Your Business?

Almost every business you know or the one you are trying to grow needs to reduce capital burn and effort wastage. Through resource management, you gain clarity about your resource pool, what is needed to complete projects and meet timelines, and what allocation needs to be done to meet your business targets for the future effectively. Resource management is crucial as it:

Reduces waste

Thoughtful resource management makes your operations optimum. It also ensures that your resources are used.

Grows profit

Although your business may be profitable and growing, poor resource management can jinx it at any time. Resource management ensures the sustainability of your business.

Provides more time

Resource management ensures that your employees or team members know their roles and get assigned to projects requiring their skill sets. It helps in reducing the time they spend on the wrong projects.

What to look for in Resource Management Software?

Finding the ideal resource management tool or project management software is difficult because you need to consider many parameters. First, choose the great tools for enhancing resource utilization and maximizing the results to make it easy for you.

You must know what your business needs to become more effective and efficient. The resource management software you choose must provide future-proof resource planning and task management solutions to meet your business requirements. Apart from that, keep these in mind while choosing your ultimate resource management tool:

Ease of Use

A resource management tool must be simple and effective. You do not need the one which overwhelms you. It should let you easily schedule and organize resources. Furthermore, it should have a user-centric interface that makes it easy to access.


Before selecting a resource management software, explore which integrations can be used because you want to avoid switching to different tabs and applications, right? For instance, EmployPlan provides Slack, Zapier, and Office365 integrations to streamline your work life.


A good resource management tool will always translate into enhanced efficiency and effectiveness for your business. It would also provide a viable return on investment. Always keep that in mind.


Every business has unique requirements. The resource management tool you choose needs to provide scope for customizations, it could be in terms of design or custom development.


Version updates and innovative features can make a resource management tool more bankable. Keep an eye on the one that lets you grow, identify, schedule, and integrate with consistent updates.

Best 16 Resource Management Tools for 2023

You probably know much about resource management and the tools that can help you catalyze it. We understand that choosing just one of the resource management tools can prove to be a daunting task. 

To make it easier for you, here are some of the best resource management tools that help streamline your business:


Unlock your team’s full potential with a single resource management platform.

Quickly identify the strengths and expertise of your employees and assign them to suitable projects. This tool helps you manage your team’s skills and availability, provides growth opportunities for your employees and is user-friendly with added integrations. Give your team the boost they need to blast past your business objectives.


This resource management tool allows you to plan, schedule, and track your spending. Float also helps you centralize people and projects on a live timeline. Using this resource management software, you can compare your predicted and actual costs. Check it out to enhance your resource forecasting.

Resource Guru

Decluttered and intuitive, Resource Guru offers you a single resource pool to schedule and track it all on their platform. You can increase your profits and unlock new insights by gauging the key metrics they share.


Want to scale up your enterprise programs? Go ahead and choose Smartsheet.  It will let you do that and help you automate processes.  Their custom solutions usually work across different scales of your business.


From dynamic resource scheduling to project planning, Runn lets you run your business operations as per your pipeline and capacity. Choose it to get rid of the guesswork from your work life.


Get a clear view of your team and all the projects using Teamdeck. True to its name, this resource management tool tracks your team’s availability and lets you schedule and track.


Worried about your teams working in silos? Fix that with Asana. It lets you manage projects, focus on business priorities, and provides seamless collaboration. Use it to stay organized and connected with your team.


Ideal for service teams and agencies, Kantata has different modules for accounting, business intelligence, team collaboration, and more. Its trend analysis and custom report feature can help your business.


Searching for resource management software that lets you raise invoices, and track work time and profitability? Paymo offers all of them. It reduces delays and assists you in finishing your projects within budget.


Need an enterprise resource management tool? You can rely on Saviom due to its agile ERM solutions. It effectively bridges the gap between capacity and demands through its powerful modules.


To get a bird’s eye view of your resources, you can explore Hubplanner.  Their interactive resource scheduling software, integrated time tracker, and other features will optimize your work life and improve your resource management.

Toggl Plan

Toggl is an intuitive resource management software for boosting business performance and painless time tracking. It lets you seamlessly track billable hours and enhances your profitability.


Based on Gantt charts, GanttPro offers charts to simplify your business planning and engage your clients and teams in the loop. From checking workload to auto-scheduling, GanttPro provides many features you must check!


Designed as a straightforward resource management tool, Monday.com lets you manage your projects in no time. It is both flexible and fast. If you want to organize your daily workflows, projects and teams under one place then explore Monday.com.


A kanban-style application, Trello is an effective tool for managing projects with a drag and drop, organizing tasks, and improving team collaboration in one place. As it is easy to use and fun, Trello would simplify every project manager’s life. 


Use Wrike if you are looking for a robust and versatile project management tool. It helps improve customer experience, track resource availability and team performance, and integrate other tools quickly.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, using the best resource management software, such as EmployPlan, will boost the productivity of your business and enhance team accountability. 

A resource management tool will provide more clarity and confidence in your daily work life. It will also reduce burnout due to poor resource management. Additionally, the quality of work will improve at your workplace. Your human resources will start making the most of their skills and avoid wasting time on trivial tasks, all thanks to a resource management tool you would choose! 

As we are gearing up to make 2023 more impactful, make sure to streamline resource management by choosing a tool from our suggested list of resource management solutions. To read more about how to allocate resources and upskilling, check out:



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