Update – Version 1.1.5

With version 1.1.5 of EmployPlan, onboarding your team just got ridiculously easy! Now you can simply paste emails from your email distribution list, in order to invite your whole company in just one click!

2 May 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.1.4

1. You can now add private courses, not visible from outside of your institution 2. EmployPlan will now recommend the best in-house person for the job when clicking on an allocation card 3. You can now build your own profession trees. Letting you track only the skills you really need 4. Users can now use […]

27 April 2021 Roch Mamenas
boosting Remote Management

Update – Version 1.1.3

Is remote team engagement also something that racks your brain? How do you make people more actively collaborate, when people are so far away from one another? What if every achievement of your employees would trigger a slack notification? Notification letting everyone know, what they just finished learning? What book they read? What course they […]

13 April 2021 Roch Mamenas
A women standing with a microphone

EmployPlan awarded for Innovation by Accenture

Don’t wait for the good times, as anytime is good to start acting so we proudly launched with a small team in 2020 and embarked on a journey. The Polish program “Idea for a Startup 2020” became a part of our journey.Throughout the program, from investor communications, extensive product pitches, and coaching exercises we experienced […]

16 December 2020 Roch Mamenas