System update Tiny People Character Concept Vector Illustration,

Update – Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 brings tiny improvements across the entire application, making the overall user experience better. A red exclamation mark will appear over the parts of the app that require extra attention. Moreover, any parameter changes on the timeline will not persist between browser refreshes. Finally, we also disabled the individual user feature that was largely […]

7 October 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.5.0

The coming version brings a complete rework to user learning profile and additionally huge changes that are expected to further improve the user experience are being rolled out. Both professional roles and skills for a given person will now display on one merged page, comfortably separated with tabs. Moreover, we have added a new email […]

13 September 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.4.1

Tiny QOL changes this time around. The chat was enhanced and now displays the time message was sent and the institution to which the user writing belongs When clicking on notifications you now get moved to the part of the app that’s relevant to the notification clicked, which should make the navigation more pleasant.

2 September 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.4.0

What if you could plan employment strategy, schedule project engagement, staff your projects and exchange professionals with other companies in 1 app? EmployPlan version 1.4.0 is out! What’s new? – Projects view now allows filtering by skills necessary for the project– You can now search users by city– As an owner, you can now select […]

19 August 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.3.0

Its been a while since we deployed a new version so this one just had to be a bomb! 1.3.0 of EmployPlan is out and with it: – You can now use EmployPlan to form alliances with other companies to exchange talent between institutions– You can now define the learning curve and difficulty of skills, […]

6 August 2021 Roch Mamenas
System update Tiny People Character Concept Vector Illustration

Update – Version 1.2.4

Version 1.2.4 of EmployPlan is out. What’s new:– The system now has default role level conditions based on which it can detect if a person is a match out of the box with zero configuration. These can be manually changed by the institution owner– Zapier integration now got much more powerful with new actions: book/unbook person from […]

22 July 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.2.3

Version 1.2.3 of EmployPlan is out. What’s new: – You can now edit a project allocation even if a person is assigned to it. The dashboard is smart enough to notice the changes and adjust the entire board in a split second – PDF/XLS Reporting is now available. If you are in need of any […]

15 July 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.2.2

The new version brings the much anticipated labels feature that allows you to tag projects so that they are easier to search. Moreover the project dashboard project search now has a autocomplete feature, making it even easier to find what you need.

10 June 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.2.1

The new version focuses at making the project dashboard more usable for regular users that don’t participate in planning, as well as giving more easily accessible information to the manager so that’s its quicker for him to navigate the UI. Here is the list of changes: – 2 new analytics gauges that display the people […]

2 June 2021 Roch Mamenas