Update – Version 1.6.1

As we were observing our hotjar recordings, we found out that a lot of our users attempted to actively interact with the timeline. Sadly, its use have been previously limited to being able to only view the timespan of projects. This is no longer the case! The first new thing you will see this version […]

2 January 2022 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.6.0

Paper CVs? No, thank you! With version 1.6.0 of EmployPlan you can now generate anonymized online CVs from user profiles to share them with your stakeholders in just a few seconds! What’s better, they are interactive so you can even see how the skills changed over a period of time, as people worked on different projects. Second, […]

22 December 2021 Roch Mamenas
Business success footprint, aim high growth and surpass with bigger steps or career path or working skill development concept, smart businessman using magnifying glass investigating bigger foot steps.

How to approach skills tracking in your organization?

In every modern workforce, skills management and being able to efficiently track skills, is one of the greatest challenges a company has to face. Without an appropriately motivated, technically strong and innovative workforce, companies struggle to survive the pressure their competition is putting on them as technology develops. While it might, at first glance, not […]

28 November 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.5.4

EmployPlan 1.5.4 is out with some tiny adjustments this time around! – Users can now report past projects, as we finish developing the feature that will allow you to share a profile in a form of online anonymized CV – Project search is much smarter now, making it even easier to find the projects you […]

21 November 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.5.3

The new version brings primarily user experience improvements that are meant to make your journey through the app much more pleasant.

27 October 2021 Roch Mamenas
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Update – Version 1.5.2

Happy to announce one of the most awaited features of our product is going live now! We completely reorganized the course section of the app. The app now recommends people courses based on their skills and the needs of the business, which in terms reduces the need to spend time working on upskilling plans, decreasing […]

13 October 2021 Roch Mamenas
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Update – Version 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 brings tiny improvements across the entire application, making the overall user experience better. A red exclamation mark will appear over the parts of the app that require extra attention. Moreover, any parameter changes on the timeline will not persist between browser refreshes. Finally, we also disabled the individual user feature that was largely […]

7 October 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.5.0

The coming version brings a complete rework to user learning profile and additionally huge changes that are expected to further improve the user experience are being rolled out. Both professional roles and skills for a given person will now display on one merged page, comfortably separated with tabs. Moreover, we have added a new email […]

13 September 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.4.1

Tiny QOL changes this time around. The chat was enhanced and now displays the time message was sent and the institution to which the user writing belongs When clicking on notifications you now get moved to the part of the app that’s relevant to the notification clicked, which should make the navigation more pleasant.

2 September 2021 Roch Mamenas