Top 16 Resource Management Tools for 2023

Do you need help managing all your available resources? You’re not alone. As the leading resource-allocation platform, we have invested a lot of time reviewing all the resource management tools available on the market.   In 2023, your business probably needs software to automate resource management and help you achieve your team’s full potential.    A resource […]

14 February 2023 Perry Steward

How to Approach Skills Tracking in 2023

In every modern workforce, skills management and efficiently tracking skills efficiently is one of the greatest challenges a company has to face. Without an appropriately motivated, technically strong, and innovative workforce, companies struggle to survive the pressure their competition is putting on them as technology develops. While it might, at first glance, not be as […]

14 February 2023 Roch Mamenas

Resource Scheduling: The Complete Guide for 2023

Do you want to grow your business this year?  We know how you feel. Brilliant companies are popping up daily, and such fierce competition leaves no room for slack. As the leading resource management platform, we spend a lot of time studying how good resource management helps companies blast past their business goals. As a […]

14 February 2023 Toni Koraza

What is Resource Capacity? How to Plan for 2023

The markets can easily turn volatile. A severe global recession is looming, according to CNBC. Companies are fighting cut-throat competition. Resource costs are rising for every business. Thanks to all these economic uncertainties, you might be looking to optimize resource capacity and make it efficient. Resource capacity planning bridges the gap between future demand and […]

14 February 2023 Perry Steward

How to Create & Manage Your Skill Inventory in 2023

Are you struggling to build and manage your skill inventory? Don’t worry. As the leading employee skill allocation platform, we invest a lot of time into finding the best ways you can manage your company resources to reach peak effectiveness. And we’re happy to share our findings. Knowledge of the skills of the talent under your […]

14 February 2023 Roch Mamenas

How HR can upskill workforce

So, together with your colleagues, you are thinking about approaching upskilling in your company. Perfect timing, I must admit! As the future of the workforce progresses towards the gig economy, it becomes obvious companies should focus on rapid upskilling and reskilling initiatives, custom-tailored to the current needs. Previously, it was common to apply legacy training […]

8 September 2022 Alexa Vovchenko

EmployPlan 2.0 is live!

tools in the market. With a responsive modern user interface, EmployPlan puts down the time consuming administrative tasks needed to handle resource management to a minimum.

10 May 2022 Roch Mamenas

Getting started with building a skills inventory

Knowledge of the skills of the talents employed in your company is some of the greatest strengths for any enterprise. The strategic use of these resources often directly impacts whether the company will grow or fail. Without a doubt, implementing strategic planning of HR activities contributes to maximizing the potential of the entire organization. One […]

22 February 2022 Roch Mamenas

Update – 1.6.2

This time around we are dropping in a small update to the general user experience of EmployPlan. The most obvious addition is a tiny link button next to every datepicker. This will allow you to quickly set the date in the datepicker to your current date. For date ranges, this will select an year into […]

25 January 2022 Roch Mamenas