EMPLOY PLAN Top 11 Kantata Alternatives

Top 11 Kantata Alternatives

Do you need help with the number of available resource management tools? You’re not alone.

Efficient resource management is crucial for any successful project. And professional service organizations can automate the process with powerful tools like Kantata.

However, disgruntled users have started searching for Kantata alternatives that offer real-time visibility of resource dashboards, skill tracking, and business intelligence.

This article will explore the top 11 Kantata alternatives, including EmployPlan, a leading resource management for SMBs.

What is resource management?

Resource management is a critical aspect of project management. It is the process of improving efficiency and utilizing resources, including team skills, equipment, or tools.

Here are some of the significant benefits of resource management:

  • Enables more effective use of available resources
  • Helps align all processes throughout the project.
  • Enhances collaboration between teams and clients
  • Creates a culture of accountability and collaboration
  • Empowers individuals to work together towards shared goals
  • Helps companies stay agile and improves decision-making

That’s why professional services organizations must implement resource management processes to manage client projects and improve financial performance and project financials.

EmployPlan helps with resource management by providing real-time visibility of team member availability and skill sets. It simplifies employment planning and employee development and enables businesses to match the skill sets of their employees to suitable projects.

This way, businesses can optimize the use of their available resources and increase efficiency, leading to improved project performance and financial outcomes.

Which is the best resource management software?

Using resource management software, you can deploy available team skills, streamline client work, and educate your workforce. Your team’s performance, project deadlines, and even revenue can be at risk if you do not use the correct resource management software.

That’s why we’re bringing you the list of top Kantata alternatives.

Top 11 Kantata Alternatives

#1 EmployPlan 

Planning to switch to an ever-reliable client work management platform? Look no further than EmployPlan. Powered by real-time dashboards, EmployPlan lets you control your teams’ skills and resources. It helps you simplify employment planning and employee development and enables you to match the skill sets of your employees to suitable projects.

Some of the key features of EmployPlan include:

Skill finder: This helps you find the right employee for a real-time project requirement.

Shared project calendar: Gives you real-time visibility about project timelines and completion.

Uncluttered workspace: This enables you to view multiple projects and resources in using just one screen.

Apart from these, EmployPlan simplifies project management for you through live notifications and customizations. It is one of the best Kantata alternatives due to its support, security, and affordable pricing plans.

#2 Avaza

Avaza is a unified work management software that lets you collaborate on projects, chat, schedule resources, manage expenses, and more. It simplifies task collaboration, discussions, file sharing, and time tracking.

Some of the key features of Avaza include:

Robust reporting: Gives you insight into staff utilization, performance, and more.

Digitized tracking: Helps you manage staff expenses and track them on the go.

Intelligent scheduling: Provides visibility on resource allocation and availability.

Professional services firms can switch to Avaza to automate project management and resource scheduling while managing to invoices, reporting, and more all in one place.

#3 Wrike

As an all-in-one platform, Wrike lets you effortlessly manage projects, organize work and improve collaboration for projects. It offers 360 visibility for cross-team collaboration. Professional service businesses can use it to streamline their marketing, project management, and even IT workflows.

Some of the key features of Wrike include:

Gantt charts: Provides interactive resource scheduling across teams.

Proofing: Enables streamlined proofing and collaboration in the workplace.

Dashboards: Helps with task visualization, processes, and analytics.

You can use Wrike to increase client satisfaction, control expense management, and easily track billable hours.

#4 Accelo

Accelo is one of the best reliable Kantata alternatives for service businesses. This SaaS tool helps you plan projects, track results, and deliver client work without hassles. Accelo offers solutions that can make sales, project management, billing, and reporting more effective.

Some of the key features of Accelo include:

Centralized client communication: which Integrates client outreach, activities, and related work using a single platform.

Resource management optimization: Enables you to avoid over-work and underutilization of resources.

Profitable client work: Provides accurate business data for your financial growth.

If you are looking for a tool for professional services automation, Accelo would be your best bet any day!

#5 Scoro

As an end-to-end work management software, Scoro gives tough competition to Kantata. It lets professional services organizations control their business from a central hub. As it provides integration across 1000+ tools, Scoro truly empowers teams.

Some of the key features of Scoro include:

Real-time Gantt charts: Lets you track live progress, dependencies, and other information about projects at hand.

Automate routine tasks: Speeds up your processes through task bundles and preset project templates.

Streamlined quoting: Simplifies quoting by offering pre-defined services, client profiles, and customizable invoices.

Want to keep your business on track while juggling sales, project management, and more? Make a switch to Scoro without a thought!

#6 NetSuite

Netsuite is one of the most robust Kantata alternatives enterprises can count on! From human capital management to global business management, Netsuite offers a range of solutions for professional services automation.

Some of the key features of NetSuite include:

Reduces HR cost: Helps managers accomplish HR tasks, and initiate allocations or promotions.

Real-time view of business: Offers update to date reports through built-in dashboards.

Eliminate manual effort: Provides integrated processes to reduce repetition and mundane tasks.

Choose NetSuite any day for its cutting-edge global business management solutions – it would stand the test of time!

#7 Workday Professional Services Automation

Need professional services automation software as one of the Kantata alternatives? Workday will save your day! Designed to let you navigate the changing demands of business, Workday enables you to run projects from the start until completion effectively. You can use this tool for finance management, HCM and planning as well.

Some of the key features of Workday include:

Project billing: Helps you bill subscriptions, usage-base, and even fixed-fee.

Time tracking: Keeps track of time across multiple projects.

Expense management: Assists you in managing and analyzing expenses on the go.

Workday is an excellent Kantata alternative for human resource management, finance, and everything else you need for project management. Try it out soon!

#8 Forecast

An end-to-end AI native platform, Forecast simplifies project and resource management for project managers. Through its professional services automation, more than 40000+ projects have turned successful.

Some of the key features of Forecast include:

Integrated intelligence: Mitigates risks for projects through AI-powered insights and advanced warnings.

Project accounting: Provides a single view of all your financial data and keeps it transparent.

Business intelligence: Highlights advanced insights to monitor team performance against the assigned projects.

Try Forecast if you want an AI-powered platform to manage finances, resources and projects.

#9 Monday.com

This comprehensive work OS solution is one of the most Kantata alternatives. Monday offers new ways to manage work across design, task management, project management and more business operations.

Some of the key features of Monday include:

In-sync collaboration: Lets you stay connected and in context through a shared workspace.

Live updates: Fuels efficiency through real-time tracking of projects.

Custom dashboards and reports: Provides the complete picture to make informed business decisions.

As a work management software, Monday’s everyday solutions let you manage your business all in one place – do explore its features!

#10 Project Insight

Project Insight is one of the best Kantata alternatives. This project management software lets you centralize all your work, tasks, projects, and collaborations. It also provides real-time visibility of issues, approvals, and expenses.

Some of the key features of Project Insight include:

Sprints: Helps you manage projects through agile, waterfall, and kanban using just one platform.

Personalized dashboards: Gives quick view to team members for task updates, projects, and roadblocks.

Project requests: Saves your time through standardization of processes for various projects.

Professional service firms can use this tool for effective portfolio management and resource planning.

#11 WorkOtter

As one of the most simple Kantata alternatives, WorkOtter never disappoints. It is a cloud-based PPM solution that streamlines project management for multi-functional teams. You can rely on WorkOtter to simplify chaotic workflows, track missing data, and prioritize projects.

Some of the key features of WorkOtter include the following:

Strategic Planning: Helps you understand budget and hiring requirements for future projects.

Pre-configured reports: Offers 100+ industry-specific reports to discover new insights.

Capacity and demand planning: Enables you to determine how available resources can be used to meet the current project requirements.

Being an easy-to-use project management software, WorkOtter makes managing your workflows more agile. Do try it out to simplify project management at your workplace.

Final Thoughts

Resource management is crucial for any successful project, and professional service organizations need powerful tools to automate the process.

However, with so many options available, finding the right fit for your business can be a tall order.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable solution that offers real-time visibility of team member availability and skill sets, look no further than EmployPlan. Its user-friendly interface, skill finder, and shared project calendar make it a great alternative to Kantata and other resource management tools.

With EmployPlan, businesses can optimize the use of their available resources and increase efficiency, leading to improved project performance and financial outcomes.

Get your free account today.

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