[EMPLOY PLAN] 17 Best Consultant Software 2023

17 Best Consultant Software for 2023

Consultant software can help you manage your business, streamline workflows, and save precious resources.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

As the leading resource management platform, we spend a lot of time studying all the consultant software options available on the market.

You can build your business and thrive using the right consultant software.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best consultant software for 2023 to help you find the perfect fit for your business. From project management to resource management and CRMs, these software solutions will help take your consulting business to the next level.

What is a Consultant Software?

17 Best Consultant Software 2023

Consultant software is a type of software designed specifically for consultants or consulting firms to streamline various aspects of their business operations, including project management, billing, time tracking, and client management. 

It helps consultants manage their resources, clients, and finances more effectively, providing a centralized platform for storing and managing data. This type of software can save consultants a lot of time and effort by automating many of the administrative tasks involved in running a consulting business, allowing them to focus on delivering value to their clients.

What are the Benefits of Consultant Software?

Good consulting software helps you reach out to clients and provide the best professional services. There is a reason you trust invoicing software or proposal software. It makes your business operations a cakewalk.

Here are three main reasons for using management software or consultant software:

Provide Oversight to Projects Management

Every project has multiple phases, milestones, resource requirements, and timelines. Consulting software gives you a clear view of the demands of one or multiple projects. For example, a CRM tool is a widely used consulting software to track clients throughout the project lifecycle. In a nutshell, consulting software makes project management seamless for you.

Elevate Client Experience

Managing and retaining clients is critical for growing a consulting business. But, it helps if you surpass their expectations to get a competitive edge. Management software automates billing through recurring invoices, creates engaging proposal templates, and lets you focus on enhancing your relationship with clients. 

Improved Clarity and Efficiency

Pick any software for consultants, and you’ll find that it’s highly customizable.

You can connect other parts of your tech stack. This helps you set up a one-stop shop for your business, decrease the communication gap with clients and consistently grow your client base. To sum up, this improves your project visibility and makes daily operations more productive.

What to look for in a Business Consultant Software?

We are sure you are using at least one business consulting software. However, do you know exactly what to look for in consulting software? How would you decide if a cloud-based platform can be the right software for your business?

Before analyzing their functionalities, let’s take a look at the key features that you must expect in any good business consultant software:


Most of your projects will have different requirements. Choose a business consulting tool that works for all of them. Using one tool for most business operations saves time and improves efficiency.


While an intuitive interface is a plus, always keep an eye out for the scope of customization a tool offers. For example, software designed with many integrations may let your team collaborate, accept payments, send invoices, or provide more advanced features.


Consultants and small business founders have to work on their client base constantly. 

The best software is the one that helps you cater to it without any issues. To keep it simple, the tool should enable you to scale your operations.

Excellent Customer Support

Are you trying out new software or renewing its subscription? Never compromise with customer support. Trust consulting business tool companies that offer round-the-clock support, social media escalations, and online chat because their tool can show errors or stop working unannounced.

#17 Best Consultant Software 2023

There are dozens of project management tools available today. Most consultants and founders can feel overwhelmed by the multiple platforms and software options available today. All you need is a robust consulting business tool that scales up either as project management software, marketing software, accounting software, CRM software, or advanced analytics software according to their project needs.

Based on the various needs of consultants, we have shortlisted these tools to help you deliver successful projects and grow your business. Go through them:

#1 EmployPlan

Needs a business consulting tool for resource management, talent pool access, and employee growth? 

EmployPlan is a versatile cloud-based resource management software that helps businesses manage their workforce and resources effectively. It offers skills management, capacity planning, project management, and workforce scheduling features to help companies improve profitability, maximize efficiency, and enhance collaboration. 

It benefits all types of organizations looking to streamline their resource management processes.

#2 Streamtime

Creative business owners can rely on Streamtime to plan jobs, manage, report, and power up project management. Its Kanban boards improve your team collaboration and make project tracking easier.

#3 Polaris

Polaris offers project, resource, and portfolio management solutions in real-time. It lets you automate employee time tracking and expense tracking and captures the work data of your remote workforce across applications.

#4 Avaza

Avaza is a unified platform for collaborating on projects, tracking time, managing expenses, and creating invoices. It enables you to run successful projects and enhances task collaboration. You can use it for expense management and business reporting as well.

#5 Mailjet

Creating and sending engaging emails without writing a line of code is possible, yes. Start using Mailjet and never look back. This user-friendly platform automates email marketing and helps you send newsletters with personalization.

#6 Kantata

Kantata can be used for consultants who want to streamline financial management and business intelligence to boost bottom-line benefits. You can use its integrations and workflows to improve team collaboration as well.

#7 Asana

Asana is an effective tool for tracking work by you or your team. It lets you stay organized and in control of projects. Asana’s easy-to-use interface makes project management quick and automated. Use it to get real-time project updates and never lose track of the progress.

#8 HubSpot

HubSpot is one the best free CRM software for businesses. It offers features beyond contact management, such as reporting dashboard, company insights, deal tracking, pipeline management, and more. Use it to centralize your business and manage customer relationships.

#9 Salesforce

Salesforce helps consultants and businesses find, win and retain customers using their robust CRM platform. It provides scalable and flexible solutions to integrate with your business easily.

#10 Monday

Do you want to manage design, content, project, and tasks in one place? We recommend using Monday in that case. It offers a powerful Work OS to shape workflows, boost team alignment, and improve productivity.

#11 Profi

Consultants, coaches, and trainers often need an all-in-one operating platform to grow their businesses. Profi offers that solution by letting them organize, schedule and automate business operations in one go. You can use Profi to impress your clients through engaging experiences as well.

#12 Netsuite

Netsuite offers a unified business management suite that includes ERP/financials. It is scalable across startups, small businesses, and beyond. Try it out to streamline your back-office operations and financial business processes.

#13 UiPath

Use UiPath to automate your business across compliance and employee experience. It also helps you enhance customer experiences and accelerates digital transformation through cost-effectiveness. 

#14 BigTime

You need real-time and trustworthy insights to grow your business. BigTime is an operating platform that helps you with it through its reporting and analytics. You can also explore this cloud-based tool to manage projects and workflows.

#15 ResourceGuru

True to its name, ResourceGuru offers simple resource management features for your business. You can also automate leave and equipment management using its user-friendly platform.

#16 Atera

Atera is a robust remote monitoring and managing tool. It can be trusted by IT consultants and small business owners to operate their helpdesk, manage technicians, finances, and more on their platform.

#17 Scoro

Looking for end-to-end work management software? Try Scoro to create a control hub for your business. Use its easy-to-use collaborative platform for holistic time management to track progress and estimate profitability too.

Final Thoughts

The right consultant software can help you manage your consulting business and save you time and money. 

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one, but good software can help you streamline your workflows and provide oversight to your project management. 

It can elevate your client experience and improve your overall efficiency, making your daily operations more productive.

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