Comprehensive Guide to Software Project Cost Management in 2023: The basics, steps, and the main goals

Project cost management is an essential aspect of ensuring sound project delivery within the project budget. It involves a systematic approach to estimate, control, and monitor project costs, while establishing a cost baseline for evaluating project performance. Cost management is the process that entails several steps, such as resource planning, cost estimation, project budget-ing, and […]

10 April 2023 Roch Mamenas

The ultimate guide to key performance indicators for consulting firms

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for software consulting firms! In this fast-paced industry, staying ahead of the competition and delivering exceptional value to clients is essential. This guide will explore the most crucial KPIs that can help you measure, analyze, and optimize your firm’s performance, ensuring sustainable growth and success. […]

3 April 2023 Roch Mamenas
EMPLOY PLAN Top 11 Kantata Alternatives

Top 11 Kantata Alternatives

Do you need help with the number of available resource management tools? You’re not alone. Efficient resource management is crucial for any successful project. And professional service organizations can automate the process with powerful tools like Kantata. However, disgruntled users have started searching for Kantata alternatives that offer real-time visibility of resource dashboards, skill tracking, […]

15 March 2023 Toni Koraza
Guide for resource managers

What is Resource Allocation? The 9-Step Guide for Resource Managers

Are you struggling to manage your resources and make the most out of your billable hours? You’re not alone. As the leading resource-allocation platform, we spend a lot of time researching the best ways you can manage your team’s skills needed to complete the project at hand. That means we can help. Some 83% of […]

21 February 2023 Alexa Vovchenko
[EMPLOY PLAN] EmployPlan vs Float

EmployPlan vs. Float: What’s the Best Resource Management Tool?

Are you struggling to find the right resource management software for your business? Look no further than this in-depth comparison of two of the top tools on the market: Float and EmployPlan. While both platforms offer valuable features and functionality, EmployPlan sets itself apart by offering a more comprehensive approach to resource management. With a […]

20 February 2023 Roch Mamenas
[EMPLOY PLAN] 17 Best Consultant Software 2023

17 Best Consultant Software for 2023

Consultant software can help you manage your business, streamline workflows, and save precious resources. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. As the leading resource management platform, we spend a lot of time studying all the consultant software options available on the market. You can build your business […]

20 February 2023 Perry Steward