EmployPlan 2.0 is live!

tools in the market. With a responsive modern user interface, EmployPlan puts down the time consuming administrative tasks needed to handle resource management to a minimum.

10 May 2022 Roch Mamenas

Update – 1.6.2

This time around we are dropping in a small update to the general user experience of EmployPlan. The most obvious addition is a tiny link button next to every datepicker. This will allow you to quickly set the date in the datepicker to your current date. For date ranges, this will select an year into […]

25 January 2022 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.6.1

As we were observing our hotjar recordings, we found out that a lot of our users attempted to actively interact with the timeline. Sadly, its use have been previously limited to being able to only view the timespan of projects. This is no longer the case! The first new thing you will see this version […]

2 January 2022 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.6.0

Paper CVs? No, thank you! With version 1.6.0 of EmployPlan you can now generate anonymized online CVs from user profiles to share them with your stakeholders in just a few seconds! What’s better, they are interactive so you can even see how the skills changed over a period of time, as people worked on different projects. Second, […]

22 December 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.5.4

EmployPlan 1.5.4 is out with some tiny adjustments this time around! – Users can now report past projects, as we finish developing the feature that will allow you to share a profile in a form of online anonymized CV – Project search is much smarter now, making it even easier to find the projects you […]

21 November 2021 Roch Mamenas

Update – Version 1.5.3

The new version brings primarily user experience improvements that are meant to make your journey through the app much more pleasant.

27 October 2021 Roch Mamenas