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We help you create dream teams and place your talent on the right goals. With EmployPlan, you can manage world-class talent with the respect it deserves to make use of their diverse skills and personalities in the best possible way.

Our Story

EmployPlan started in 2020 with a founder Roch seeing the need that people need to be put closer to the center of attention and his statement:

“Make Human Resourses more Human”

Shortly after that, a team of dedicated believers joined and now make up a cross-located team, from Delaware, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Łodź and Białystok contributing with the passion and skills we have. We all share stories of jobs we had in the past, we all are capable of great things but not everybody knows about them. We love to use EmployPlan and our customers see that in the love and details we put into it.

Meet the team

Danie; Orawczak

Wannabe Front-end Developer. Enjoys writing code and solving problems. He’s always up for learning new technology, adhering to the principle that nothing is impossible, the only limitation being time. Believing, that technology makes the world a better, more accessible place. Fan of “Black Mirror” and C. Nolan movies.


TypeScript Angular C# Finance Entrepreneurship

Back-End Developer

C# Git

Front-End Developer

TypeScript Angular Git React Redux


AWS Docker Python Bash Ansible

"Personality and Skills make the difference and we very much believe in that"

Alexa the Tall ~2020

Great companies already put their trust in us:

Companies using our tool are in the following industries: Retail, Consulting, Manufacturing.



Make sure that you have the right people in the right places at a glance, ensuring you have no holes that could potentially delay delivery.



Easily cover the skill requirements for every task by ensuring you have the perfect combination of experts and leaders who can guide your teams.



Not only can you connect talent to your teams with our matching role assignments, but you can watch your employees grow and promote from within.

The World is an Oyster:

EmployPlan – One Solution – Many contributors

We are placed close to our customers, close to the change that is happening. Get in contact with us and explore the “Spirit of EmployPlan”

Auburn- Amsterdam – Łódź